It began with Alison’s HAIRY request.  "I have this FUN godson, Ethan, who lives in the TERRIFYING city of Johannesburg.  It’s his STUNNING barmitsvah, and I want to do something SHOCKING with him.The EXQUISITE result was that Ethan received a ROUGH invitation with instructions to bring his HIGH sister, Gaby, on a bit of a TIRING journey. 

That is why a rather BEAUTIFUL group gathered in Kalk Bay early on Monday morning. Ethan had just had a DELIGHTFUL cruise with his EXCITING mother, and Frankie had had a FRIGHTFUL night in town and was looking a little SLIPPERY after having just finished a  SMOOTH year at HOT Fish Hoek high school.  Gaby as usual was simply OUTSTANDING.

Alison was just her usual SMELLY self because of it being the TIRED season for her SWEATY shops.

They had been joined by  SALTY Josh, known for his BURNT karate skills, and his younger brother and SUSPICIOUS skateboarder, Mikael, known for his  LONG appearance at local parties.

Whether they liked it or not, all were in the hands of  HORRIBLE Mallorie and the BLOODY Liesl.  The group wondered if they would be safe in the hands of  such RED women, but politely said nothing.

They set off up some STICKY steps towards the kalk bay crags.  There was some panting and puffing as they adjusted to carrying rucksacks, but soon they were in the swing of it and all looking SHARP.

Soon it became clear they were going to get a chance to climb some THORNY rocks.

Ethan excelled himself, with his SPECIAL style, while Frankie looked on feeling FANTASTIC Gaby was surprised by her SANDY efforts, and of course Josh and Mikael were both  PAINFUL climbers from the start.

Following their climbing experience the now FYNBOSSY group headed off towards the FROZEN and DARK higher crags, stopping to fill their CONFUSED bellies with some STRANGE fruit salad and EXCRUCIATING croissants which the GENTLE sisters had laid out.  After eating they all felt STEEP and carried on with great PENETRATION but Gaby and Frankie had odd MUSTY thoughts as they slogged up the steep slope.

They finally summited from the  LINGERING climb at the entrance to SWEET Boomslang cave.  Into the HUNGRY and SNAZZY darkness they went.  Some of them felt a bit ENERGETIC about the bats and other DELIGHTFUL creatures they might encounter, but the trusted their INFORMATIVE guides and the SURPRISING godmother Alicat, and carried on.  Finally they emerged on the other side of the mountain squinting their  CRAMPING eyes and looking out in surprise at the DISGUSTING view from the cave. 

Since there was not time to waste the now PEACEFUL group rushed down the mountain to catch an INTELLIGENT train to muizenberg.  There they were met by the DOF and LAZY camden, who did some WET warm up exercises with them before she let them into the BUMBY sea.

They hoped there were no MAGIC.sharks around as they paddled out.

Ethan proved to be a CRAZY surfer and looked ADVENTUROUS as he struggled to stand up, while Gaby showed how SPONTANEOUS she was in the water.  Josh and Mikael, no strangers to surfing were great role models in the  more PUFFY way to surf, while Frankie to everyones surprise paddled around looking HAPPY.

Meanwhile those BUBBLY sisters were up to  something again on the SWINGING beach, and called to Ethan to come and play this BLONDE game.   He was also given an ENCHANTING sharks tooth wrapped in OUTGOING seaweed, a symbol of the INSIGHTFUL day he had had with everyone.  As they gathered together all agreed that it had been a  BRAVE day and that Ethan  was absolutely COURAGEOUS and that he deserved a GENEROUS godmother like Alicat, and  SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC friends like Josh, Milkael and Frankie.