Sunday dawned crystal clear as eight of us gathered beneath the cliffs of the Twelve Apostles - an eclectic bunch including a pro genetic modification activist, a Martha Beck Coach and an educational pioneer, what we all had in common was enthusiasm and a desire to experience the lesser known parts of Table Mountain. Accompanied by the sounds of a multitude of streams and miniature waterfalls rus...hing towards the Camps Bay Coast below,we climbed upwards - a compulsory passing through an icy waterfall had us gasping and doubly alive as the path steepened upwards taking us to the deeply green tranquility cracks. A sun-drenched rest on generous tufts of grass besides lichened rocks, relaxing as one by one each of us read the snippet of poetry Liesl had attached to their lunch pouch....laughter and surprise that comes with beautifully crafted words arriving at just the right moment! Later as we made our way down into the goldening afternoon light, I pondered again the magic of mountains that subtly weaves a connection between people from different lives, which goes beneath the mere 'what do you do for a living'. Perhaps the magic lies somewhere in the outstretched hand, the thoughtful slowing of pace and the pointing out of some tiny natural, almost passed by wonder.