It really was a wild treasure wedding and it was like that because of the two of you.

Mallorie, your inner strength and harnessed wisdom is rare and so needed in our society and universe. It was honestly such a blessing to have you bring some of our truth to our wedding ceremony. It was the ribbon that bound the past weeks and months of careful preparation, thoughts and feelings together. It really was as Martin said, the foundation to our marriage and now we are privileged and gifted with this opportunity to gift this manner of being on to our own little family and hopefully beyond.

Liesl, your sensitive and gentle awareness, talent, appreciation for all that is harmonious and beautiful has amazed us. It was such a special feeling to have you both there, like guardians overseeing an important ritual, part of living life the way it needs to be. And we are so grateful you did 'push' us gently to get on with it all. It wasn't always easy and a lot of shadowy, unwanted, brittle elements and experiences popped up repeatedly. But what would the light be without the dark?

 You are teachers, guides, weather magicians and much more and we thank you for being generous with your knowledge and love for all things sacred and meaningful.

Erica & Martin