Equipped with all the accoutrements of the most hardened adventurers, 8 boys and 1 intrepid girl headed up Echo Valley in search of the magic cave and in celebration of Tristan's ninth birthday. They followed the clues left by that greatest of all adventurers, Asterix, and enjoyed the treats he left on the way which included a refreshing draught of Getafixes Magic Potion and a lolly pop from the lolly pop tree (latin name leucospermum conocurpodendron.)

Wild Mallorie managed to keep the even wilder adventurers at heal with a pre-agreed signal of two whistles (hand done and very loud) which meant "Stop Immediately and gather". Hot and tired but still excited, they made their way up towards Boomslang cave where they were greeted by the rather imposing figure of The Guardian of the Cave (a beared and shrouded Wild Liesl). Momentarily silenced by this bearded spectacle, the kids were questioned as to whether they had looked after the mountain and asked to explain why they had earned the priviledge of entry into the magic cave. Proof was given in the form of rubbish collected on the way and they were given permission to continue their adventure. Torched up, they dropped onto their tummy's and eagerly followed The Guardian into the low darkening passage of Boomslang cave. The  group that emerged from the cave a little while later, to sing happy brithday to Tristan and eat cake, looked like miners after a hard day underground. A quick roped and helmeted scramble for the daring ones added to the glorious sense adventure.

Fundamental to any Wild Treasure activities is leaving places cleaner than we found them, our last activity was to do a good clean up around the cave and it was amazing to see how quickly the area lost it's grungy urgh-I-won't-sit-on-that-rock feeling. One last rant about a tissue pushed into a crack in the rock and we were off at a wild pace down the mountain. Nearing the bottom, tiredness set in and one little guy was heard to say, " I'm going straight to bed when I get home." This, two bags of rubbish collected off the mountain and Tristan's "This is the best party I ever had!" was all the proof we needed that the day had been a great success.