When Nic and I envisioned our wedding, we knew that we wanted a ceremony that was deeply meaningful to us as a couple, as we both felt that all too often the marriage ceremony itself is  overshadowed by  the reception and all the details of of decor and design (which though amazingly fun to plan, are really, if you think about it, secondary to having a life commitment witnessed by your loved ones). So with that in mind, and the fact that Nic and I are from completely different religious backgrounds and that neither of us now follow a traditional/formal religion, nor really even knew what we wanted, we approached Liesl and Mallorie of ‘Wild Treasure.’

Through a months-long process Liesl and Mallorie facilitated Nic and I on an extraordinary journey. They helped us plan a wedding ceremony which encompassed our spiritual values, our love of nature, which acknowledged our families and roots but was ultimately a ceremony about us, as individuals and as a couple.

In the months preceeding the wedding they dropped beautiful packages in our postbox. Wrapped in tissue paper were ‘gifts’ for us: poems, questions to ponder, seeds to plant (literally and metaphaphically), music to listen to and tasks for us to do alone - walks to take and things to think about. These packages from ‘Wild Treasure' kept us centred and calm, focused on what was really important in the build-up to our wedding, when everything else is so intense and exciting and there are so many practicalities to deal with.

On our wedding day, Mallorie officiated our wedding ceremony in our garden, in front of our family and friends. Nic and I, standing in a circle of stones that we had collected, read the vows to each other which we had written ourselves. Our ceremony felt beautiful and sacred and most importantly ‘us’ in every possible way.

We couldn’t recommend ‘Wild Treasure’ highly enough in helping non-religious couples create and plan a wedding ceremony structure that is both immensely personal and deeply meaningful on every level. Nic and I will always see the time we spent with Liesl and Mallorie planning our ceremony as a beautiful journey, and the greatest wedding gift to ourselves.