Wild Treasure Weddings - in the months leading up to your wedding we facilitate the creation of your wedding vows and ceremony structure so that they reflect who you both are and the values you hold.  

After an initial consultation where we listen deeply and help you to clarify your vision for your wedding, we will guide you through a process that is completely customised, fun, magical and thought provoking resulting in a wedding ceremony that is meaningful and memorable.

R900 for initial consultation which includes detailed feedback and recommendations for how to proceed.  Further costs are determined by the choices you make.

"I feel like our marriage was the full journey that we walked with you, rather than just one wedding day." (Shirley)

"Having a Wild Treasure wedding was the ribbon that bound the past weeks and months of preparation, thoughts and feelings together.

It really was the foundation to our marriage and now we are privileged and gifted with this opportunity to gift this manner of being onto our own little family and hopefully beyond. 

It was such a special feeling to have Liesl and Mallorie both present at our wedding, like guardians overseeing an important ritual -  part of living life the way it needs to be."  (Erica and Martin)

"It's with such a big heart that I send thanks to the two of you, for guiding, holding, inspiring and supporting us along our path. I feel like our marriage was the full journey that we walked with you, rather than just one wedding day.

The ritual post process was more than I could have imagined, and felt like it laid foundations that we will draw from for many years to come. And on the day, the ceremony was simply perfect. It felt just like 'us'." (Shirley & George)

"When Nic and I envisioned our wedding, we knew that we wanted a ceremony that was deeply meaningful to us as a couple. Through a months-long process Liesl and Mallorie facilitated Nic and I on an extraordinary journey. They helped us plan a wedding ceremony which encompassed our spiritual values, our love of nature, which acknowledged our families and roots but was ultimately a ceremony about us, as individuals and as a couple.

In the months preceeding the wedding they dropped beautiful packages in our postbox. Wrapped in tissue paper were ‘gifts’ for us: poems, questions to ponder, seeds to plant (literally and metaphaphically), music to listen to and tasks for us to do alone - walks to take and things to think about.

Nic and I will always see the time we spent with Liesl and Mallorie planning our ceremony as a beautiful journey, and the greatest wedding gift to ourselves." 
(Jane & Nic)

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