Rites of Passage - For individuals or groups like a school class- we design a rites of passage that may take place over a day, a week or months that will, as Joseph Cambell writes, "create a sort of magical safety harness that guides us from one stage of our lives into the next- a circle that we draw around important events to separate the momentous from the ordinary..."

From R 1000

Treasure Chests -  We can send you a personalised ritual  in a box. Ideal for people who do not live locally or for those who want to facilitate their own event. The treasure chest includes all accessories and instructions to help you run a magical rites of passage.

Using messages and photographs from family and friends we can create a collaborative gift that will be treasured for a life time.

From R 1000

"Turning 50 felt like a time for me to mark with a ritual. ... The Magical Mystery tour that Wild Treasure sent me on,  was way beyond my expectations." (Sue)

"Mallorie and Liesl listened very closely to my dreams and needs and wishes and together they wove poems, letters, songs, thoughts and rites into a days journey – first a place of safe solitude , then a very free solitary art experience and finally a sumptuous spa treat and a feast with special women friends. The beauty, imagination and attention to detail enriched the magic!

I left the ritual with a sense of being loved, guided, indulged,  seen and heard, and with a way forward.....

6 months on – I regularly go to that special quiet place, I attend art classes once a week and I feel the love and support of my circle of women always and if I lose my path I have a box of treasure to refer back to "