Significant birthdays - How often do you wish that you could show someone what they mean to you but don’t know quite how to do that in an original way?

We create beautiful, meaningful ways of celebrating a birthday, whether it’s an adventuresome 10th, or a special 70th. 

We are not event planners…we don’t do  décor and menu planning…’s the actual kernel or essence of what this person means to their loved ones, that we bring into form, whether through a collaborative poem, a collection of memories, or an intriguing adventure up a mountain. 

Significant Birthdays Enquiries

Wild Treasure helped create a very special birthday for me. After a difficult year I wanted to really celebrate with my close friends and decided to ask for Liesl's help. We decided to go with a games party as  a way to reconnect with youth and special memories. 

I haven't laughed so much in years and it felt wonderful to celebrate my birthday in a different and envigorating way



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